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Are you still thinking about last night? We understand. To be pointed out as someone with bad breath is quite embarrassing – and very heartbreaking. If there is something that we want you to believe, it is the fact that the unpleasant smell in a person’s mouth is entirely preventable. Like everyone else, you too can once again own a fresh breath.

We at Creating Smiles can be of great help! If you have been diagnosed with bad breath and you want to get rid of the issue, we can provide you with our Halitosis Treatment. Different factors can cause oral malodor, so to perform the appropriate procedure, our dentist will first assess the root of the problem. The most common culprit of bad breath is gum disease. If the dental professional finds out that you have the condition, treatment like scaling and root planing will be executed.

Bad Breath

How to halt bad breath?

You have been labeled by your friends as “head turner” not because of your newly styled hair or your perfectly contoured face. Perhaps, they noticed that you make every head turn away every time you start talking that is why they orchestrate that name tag for you. Ouch! It’s heart-rending; yet fortunately, you can do something about it.

Cause of Bad Breath: Poor Dental Hygiene

Treatment: Obviously, you have to reverse the case! Since the cause of the unpleasant breath in your mouth is poor oral hygiene, you should strive to keep up a good oral care routine daily. Brush the teeth in the morning and at night. But do not just brush – do it with the right techniques and using the right tool. The dentist always recommends cleaning the teeth for two minutes with the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride. Pair it afterward with floss and mouthwash.

Cause of Bad Breath: Dehydration

Treatment: You are a coffee junkie, and you always complain of having a dry mouth – it is no surprise; the beverage itself is dehydrating. Coffee slows down the production of saliva in the mouth, leaving it extremely dry. This time, you should decide to befriend water. Plain H2O is not just beneficial to the mouth but to the body as well.

Cause of Bad Breath: Gum Disease

Treatment: As mentioned above, periodontal issues are the usual reason why one suffers from bad breath. No, you cannot treat the condition yourself. Although a person can prevent gingivitis from developing through good oral hygiene and healthy habits, it is the dental professional that can solely mend it. Visiting us at Creating Smiles is the best thing to do.

End your dilemma with bad breath now! Book an appointment with us at Creating Smiles for your Halitosis Treatment in Lutz, FL. We are located at 17553 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Lutz, FL 33548. Feel free to visit our office!