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Many may notice that getting teeth replacements nowadays is quite easy—thanks to the advancements in technology. But, how was it like in the past when technology was not yet introduced?

Dentures have been available for many years now but did you know that even the ancient Egyptians and Italians created their versions of the said appliance? Curious? Read on!


History of Dentures

First Dentures

The false teeth used in the past was not that “false.” Ancient Egyptians, Italians, and Mexicans used human or animal teeth as a replacement for their lost structures. The ancient Mayans, on the other hand, used carved stones, seashells, or bones. This method seemed to work well since there are traces of fusion between the materials they used and the bone.

George Washington

The first American president is one of the most famous persons who wore dentures. It was believed that the dentures he used were made of wood due to the appearance it gives off. But the truth is, the material utilized was ivory taken from the tusks of a hippopotamus. Many people were interested in dentures made of ivory from hippos, elephants, and even walrus, however, they are quick to deteriorate.

The True Wooden Dentures

There were real dentures made from wood, and the ones responsible were the Japanese. It was a priestess who wore it for the first time, and it was used until the 19th century.

The 1800s

In this year, the consumption of sugar soared in Europe which led to many people losing their teeth by the age of 50. In the same year, the Battle of Waterloo took place, and with it, deceased soldiers became the source of dentures. The demand for this type of dentures grew that is why there were people who took the teeth from graves. Peasants in need of money ended up selling their teeth as well.

The birth of porcelain dentures

In 1774, a British physician introduced porcelain but the denture chipped easily and appeared to be too white. Fortunately, a silversmith mounted porcelain on a gold plate with silver swivels. Doing so made the denture more functional. This method was recognized as a modern set of dentures.

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