The Risks of Teeth Extractions and Their Solutions in Lutz, FL

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The tooth extraction procedure itself is not painful and problematic. Sedation dentistry made it possible for the tooth removal treatment to become more comfortable. So to those who need to undergo an extraction, there’s completely nothing to worry about. However, troubles may potentially come in during the post-treatment. We at Creating Smiles included below the probable risks of teeth extractions along with their solutions.

Painful Toothache

Things To Watch Out After Teeth Extractions

Delayed Healing

The recovery period needs to be given importance as it has a huge role in making teeth extractions successful. But it is inevitable to experience delays especially if the patient doesn’t observe the instructions given by the dentist. For instance, those who smoke right after their procedures typically hamper the formation of blood clots. Other factors like taking certain medicines for cancers or osteoporosis can also affect the healing process. The key is to follow the recommended aftercare. It is also wise to prepare beforehand. Stop the medication prior to the scheduled treatment to reduce the likelihood of delayed healing.

Teeth Misalignments

Since one or two of the teeth are pulled out, teeth shifting may occur; improper teeth alignment is then expected. Misalignments should be avoided since it can aggravate problems not just inside the mouth but to the overall health and wellness too. The condition can place havoc to the other healthy teeth, compromise chewing function, and cause the person to have difficulty pronouncing certain words. The best preventive measure is to get a tooth replacement if your pearly white is removed. In our clinic, we have a wide range of restorative devices from crowns to dental implants. We can also treat misalignments through our orthodontic services.

Dry Socket

Blood clots are essential in hastening the healing time. When they do not form well, a problem called ‘dry socket’ may take place. The condition might show symptoms like intense discomfort, oral malodor, and pain that reaches the other parts of the body such as the temple, ear, eye, and neck. To avoid it, patients are advised to refrain from smoking and using a straw when drinking. Since dry socket can arise due to infections, practicing good oral hygiene is a must.

You can have a trouble-free post-extraction experience by following the tips mentioned above. If any of the listed conditions persist, do not hesitate to seek professional help right away.

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